Introducing Mr. Fog Switch 5500 Puffs – where sophistication meets performance. Dive into an unparalleled vaping experience with a device meticulously crafted to blend style and functionality seamlessly. From its sleek design to its impressive capacity and advanced features, indulge in vaping perfection with every puff.

  • Immerse yourself in elegance and functionality with a sleek design.
  • Elevate your experience with 15ml e-liquid capacity.
  • Unleash endless enjoyment with a mighty 650mAh battery support.
  • Delight in the perfect 5% Nicotine Infusion for utmost pleasure.
  • Stay powered up easily with the cutting-edge Type-C charging port.
  • Food-grade TPU Mouthpiece, ultimate lip fit.
  • Unique adjustable middle airflow structure.
  • Industry-leading mesh coil technology.

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